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Communal Junior High School in Sobótka

It was created in 1999y. with the reform of ministry of education. For the first two years our school students learnt in three different buildings in Świątniki, Rogów Sobócki and Sobótka Zachodnia. That was hard time for our school which didn't even have a building in that time. Students had just dutiful lessons, there were no afterschool activities.

School opening

Piotr Włostowic Communal Junior High School in Sobótka was opened on 1st September 2001y. That day Polish president - Aleksander Kwaśniewski came to our school and gave the equipment to our computer lab. In the school building, there are 22 didactic classrooms, e.g. a computer lab, a Chemistry, Physics and language classrooms. There are a nurse office, a little store and a canteen as well. The school has a cloak room where all students have lockers.

Antoni Pawlik was the first principal for the first four years. Mirosław Jarosz has been the principal since 2003, the same year the school got the certificate "School with class/style".

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The Biology classroom The Chemistry classroom The little school shop

The sports hall

A sports hall was built in 2003-2004. The opening of it was on 18th December 2004y. The hall is connected to the Junior High School building with the bonding. In the new building, we have got a full size field, Polish and Biology classrooms, a library with the access to the internet, showers, big cloak room and a couple of smaller ones. In sports hall, there are held sports contests, competitions, school and out of school parties.

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The Polish language classroom The school canteen

The school cinema room

In 2005, the principal made a decision to reconstruct the amphitheatre room to a cinema and theatre hall. The place isn't too big it has got just 40 seats but it's making a feeling like in a real cinema.

The name for our school

On 18th June 200, there was a big celebration, our school got the name of Piotr Włostowic Communal Junior High School in Sobótka.

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The school cinema room The school library

After school activities:

Artur Lech Voluntary Thursday 2:30p.m-3:30p.m
Artur Lech The eucharistic movement of young people Tuesday 2:30p.m-3:30p.m
Małgorzata Kotwica The eucharistic movement of young people Tuesday 2:30p.m-3:30p.m
Anna Kochan The eucharistic movement of young people Tuesday 2:30p.m-3:30p.m
Izabela Sieradzka Polish language consultations Tuesday 3:00p.m-4:00p.m Thursday 3:00p.m-4:00p.m
Małgorzata Wazner Orthography Monday 7:15a.m-8:00a.m Tuesday 2:25p.m-3:10p.m
Ewa Łakomiec Maths club Wednesday 2:30p.m-3:15p.m
Bogusław Zawalich English language club Thursday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m
Tomasz Wypler History club Thursday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m
Joanna Zywer Music workshops Tuesday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m Wednesday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m
Janina Cendrowicz Art workshop Tuesday 1:35p.m-2:20p.m
Dorota Piszczałka Maths consultations for first graders Wednesday 1:35p.m-2;20p.m
Jolanta Różniak Maths consultations for second graders Tuesday 2:35p.m-3:10p.m
Jolanta Różniak Maths consultations Tuesday 3:10p.m-4:00p.m
Jolanta Różniak Maths club for first graders Wednesday 2:30p.m-3:15p.m
Jerzy Sikora Maths consultations Wednesday 2:30p.m-3:15p.m
Elżbieta Kulik Physics club for third graders Wednesday 2:30p.m-3:15p.m
Grażyna Golińska Chemistry Wednesday 1:30p.m-3:30p.m (Every two weeks)
Zbigniew Janiszewski Chemistry differently and more interesting Tuesday 2:30p.m-3:30p.m
Magdalena Wysocka Biology club Tuesday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m (Every two weeks)
Dorota Piszczałka I.T. workshops Wednesday 2:30p.m-3:15p.m
Ryszard Sitkiewicz I.T. club Tuesday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m (Every two weeks)
Aleksandra Myk Aerobics Tuesday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m
Józef Budzowski Handball Thursday 2:25p.m-4:00p.m
Piotr Kołodziej Volleyball: (girls) Tuesday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m
Piotr Kołodziej Volleyball: (boys) Wednesday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m
Piotr Kołodziej Volleyball (GUKS) Tuesday 4:00p.m-6:00p.m Friday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m
Bartłomiej Zamęcki Basketball (girls) Wednesday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m
Bartłomiej Zamęcki Basketball (boys) Tuesday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m
Stanisław Petryków Table tennis Tuesday 2:30p.m-4:00p.m Thursday 4:00p.m-6:00p.m


Sobótka is a small picturesque town located in the foot of Ślęża Mountain. The history of Sobótka is connected with Ślęża. Piotr Włostowic, the most popular noble landowner hunted here with Bolesław Krzywousty, who was the king of Poland then. Sobótka became popular in 1227 when Henryk Brodaty granted Sobótka town rights. Wacław IV, the Czech prince restored this town rights. The trade and craft developed. The name Sobótka is derived from Saturdays markets.
Tourist attractions:
St. Anna's Sanctuary
St.Jacobs church
The museum
Hotels, cafes, restaurants
Sobótka is located near the shopping centre-Bielany.

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